How do I obtain an alarm permit with my city?
Do you service people who rent apartments or houses?
How many windows are covered?
Are your alarm systems wireless?
What is your average response time?
Can I arm my alarm system from my phone?
What Is Geo-Fencing?
How Does Smith Monitoring® Use Geo-Fencing?


Who do I call if I need technical support?
Who do I call with billing questions?
Why didn’t I receive a call when I accidentally set my alarm system off?
What happens if I buy a new home within the 36-month agreement?
Where are your service areas?
I was told you provide service outside of Texas?
Who do I call to arrange for transfer of service?
Who do I contact if I need to refer a customer?
Who do I contact if I need to change emergency contact numbers?
How do I test my system?
Who do I call if I need yard signs or window decals?



Will my pet set off my motion detector?
Do I have to have a phone line to be monitored?

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