Wireless Home Alarm Systems

When moving into a home, there may already be a security system installed. Most older homes are likely still using outdated, wired alarm systems. In recent years wireless home alarm systems have moved into the home security market. Going wireless is not only more convenient for the customer, it is more inconvenient for the criminal.

A recent news article from San Antonio, TX features former thief Mark, discussing how easy it was to rob a home still using phone lines:

“Before I could break in, an alarm system slowed me down. So I searched for and found a specific set of wires around the back of the house. I try to cut the main wires to the power supply, and after that the telephone wires,” said Mark, of his technique. Most home alarm systems send a signal through phone lines when someone breaks in. Cut the wires, and a crook is essentially alone.

Criminals don’t want to be caught and the harder you can make that the more deterred they will be from actually attempting a home robbery. Smith Monitoring offer free installation and free activation on our all of our wireless GE home alarm systems. We also offer indoor wireless cameras for your convenience. Cameras can be set to record at all times, or can be motion activated. View the stream from any computer with internet, that includes your smartphone.

Best Home Alarm Companies

When it comes to finding a home security system, we understand that you simply want the best security at the lowest possible price. The best home alarm companies are quickly found when comparing them side by side and reading positive customer reviews. Smith Monitoring has received multiple awards over the years, including the Angie’s List Super Service award, “A” Grade with the Better Business Bureau and over 500 positive customer reviews on TrustPilot.

Smith Monitoring has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as being one of the fastest growing home security companies in America and is considered one of the best home alarm systems providers in Texas. We have found that as a top security company, if you simply provide quality products and outstanding customer service, great customers will naturally find you, just like you did. You will never feel disconnected from your home again with Smith Monitoring.

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