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Wouldn’t it be nice if your home security alarm could also keep your energy bills down? Now, it can! Here at Smith Monitoring, we are proud to offer energy efficient home security services. This means that you can transform your regular home into a SMART+ HOME®. Remote access. Wireless features. Even energy efficient settings can be yours with just one phone call! The best part? We have prices that are affordable for every household!

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When the kids are late for school and your spouse left the garage door open, you don’t always have time to secure your home. You can’t be expected to remember everything. That’s why we offer a wireless home security alarm. This makes securing your home easy, while keeping your energy bills low. We have tons of great features with our SMART+ HOME®. Video surveillance. Lamp and small appliance module. Weather alerts and so much more! Live safe with our smart home alarm systems installed in your home!

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With our top rated home security alarm, you can remotely access your home at any time! Use your smartphone to turn your thermostat down. Use your computer to turn off the lamp in your bedroom. Even your tablet can be used to turn off the coffee maker or curling iron. The great thing is you can access every part of your home from anywhere in the world! It doesn’t matter if you are up the street at work or halfway across the world. Your home is always under your control!

Safe living means smart living. Our wireless features and affordable prices fit into every household. Trust our dependable service to secure your home. Trust our award-winning features to prevent disasters. Using our fire alarms and security features, emergencies are taken care of. All you need is Smith Monitoring®!

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