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The Smith Alarm Co is not just an alarm monitoring company. We don’t just configure and install new security systems. We don’t just provide the very latest in home automation technology. No. We provide something more. While we incorporate all these services in what we offer your household, we provide something much more-we offer peace of mind. The Smith Alarm Co uses the very latest technology to provide top notch world class alarm monitoring services that handle a wide range of distress data. Instead of just handling the familiar and traditional break in or security disruption alarms, our monitoring service also handles medical emergencies, fire, and other types of emergency. You can rest assured that if there are any issues that threaten the safety and well being of your family and loved ones, we have the proper detection and monitoring systems that ensures you can quickly get the help you need right when you need it.

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While a few CCTV cameras here and there may be great, we understand that real home security has to be a fully integrated and comprehensive system. We believe in putting together a comprehensive net that covers your whole home so any threats are quickly picked up and relayed to the most appropriate authorities. Whether the threats to your home’s security comes from accidents or criminals, we have the home automation systems and security infrastructure that will ensure your maximum peace of mind.

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Let’s face it, security monitoring and alarm monitoring can easily look, seem, and feel automatic, cold, and impersonal. Smith Alarm Co is a very different kind of alarm monitoring system company because we insist on placing the warmth and gentle care and concern of humans in the home security monitoring service mix. We stand out because our staff members are recruited and trained with an eye toward maximum customer care and satisfaction. Not only do we help you keep safe and secure in your home, we also do so in a very friendly and caring way. This is why the Smith Alarm Co have such a large and loyal base of customers. They know great service when they see it. Contact us today and experience for yourself how proper Smith Monitoring alarm services should be provided. Join our many satisfied customers.

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