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When your kids are running late for school and you spouse forgot to turn the coffee maker off, you don’t always have time to secure your home. The alarm is unarmed. The coffee maker is still on. The garage door is still open. And you forgot to turn the thermostat down! There goes another high energy bill this month. These things might seem out of your control once you walk out the front door. But with a Smith alarm system, you can access your home with the touch of a button! Fix these little issues with any wireless device. With our monitored alarm, you are always in control of your home!

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Living safely means having a Smith alarm system. We equip your home with a number of features to ensure it stays safe. Door and window contacts. Glassbreak detectors. Motion detectors. UL-licensed monitoring equipment. And tons more! Rest assured that your home is always in your control. Let our representatives take the stress of home security off of your shoulders. We are monitoring your home 24/7 to watch out for the big crises like burglars and fires. You are wirelessly connected to your home to take care of the daily mishaps. Live safe and smart with Smith alarm monitoring!

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With our Smith alarm system, you are always connected to your home. Access your video surveillance footage right on your computer at work. Use your smartphone to turn your Smart Thermostat up or down. Your tablet can be used to arm your system or turn off the coffee maker. Our packages are customizable to fit your lifestyle. Choose from different wireless features to equip your home. Stay safe. Stay secure. Choose a Smith alarm system for your home!

Families are far more safe with a Smith alarm system in their homes. Protect what matters most to you with our wireless help. We offer tons of wireless features at prices every household can afford. Safe. Secure. Wireless. That’s our guarantee!

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