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What is your carbon footprint? Why should it matter to you? Do you want to save money each month? Do you want to save energy? Of course you do! When you use less energy, you reduce your carbon footprint. When you use less energy, you also save money. They go hand in hand. With Smith security alarm we have the tools to help you save energy and money. We are the best home security company to save you money.

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How is Smith security alarm Smart+ Home Energy plan different? You get a Smart+ thermostat. This is the heart of our energy saving system. It has an easy to read high resolution touchscreen. You can choose to have additional keypads throughout your home. Maybe one for your upstairs and downstairs. Even have one in your storage building outside. Our Smart+ thermostat allows you to save energy. You can set it so your system doesn’t run as much when you aren’t home. This saves energy and therefore money on your energy bill. You also receive a light control module. This allows you to control your lights from your keypad as well.

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Finally, all of these features can be accessed wirelessly. This allows you to stay in control no matter where you are. Adjust your thermostat while on vacation. Turn off your lights from work. Turn back on your lights from your phone while you pull into your garage. The possibilities are endless.

Smith security alarm wants you to be happy with your alarm system. We want what is best for you. We will not pressure you into making a decision. When you call, we simply lay out our plans and prices. From there you are able to decide which plan is best for you. We will do everything we can to make your experience great. Reduce your carbon footprint. Save energy and money. Call Smith Monitoring today and get your quote today!

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